Dopamine Supplementation or Augmentation Therapy

Dopamine Agonists: Dopamine agonists are drugs that stimulate the parts of the human brain that are influenced by dopamine. In effect, the brain is tricked into thinking it is receiving the dopamine it needs. Dopamine Agonist therapy does not replace dopamine; it makes the existing dopamine more effective by binding to the same receptor sites on the neurons normally occupied by dopamine. These agonist stimulated neurons require less dopamine to complete the neural transmission.

Dopamine agonists can be taken alone (mono- therapy) or in combination with medications containing levodopa (adjunctive therapy)

  • Pramipexole (Mirapex®)

Mirapex®.125 mg
Mirapex®.25 mg
Mirapex®.50 mg
Mirapex®1.0 mg

  • Ropinerole (Requip®)

Requip®.25 mg
Requip®.50 mg
Requip®1.0 mg
Requip®2.0 mg
Requip®3.0 mg
Requip®4.0 mg
Requip®5.0 mg

  • Ropinerole (Requip XL®) Extended Release

Requip XL®2.0 mg
Requip XL®4.0 mg
Requip XL®8.0 mg

  • Apomorphine Hydrocloride injection (Apokyn®)

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