The Parkinson Foundation makes a number of excellent resources books available free of charge. These books can be downloaded directly from their site using the attached link. We also stock a number of these books at our office and you may request copies by contacting us at or by calling (412) 837-2542.

Parkinson’s Disease: What You And Your Family Should Know

Basic overview of Parkinson’s symptoms, related conditions, and medications. Tips for maintaining best health with exercise, nutrition, sleep, mental wellness, and adaptation. Suggestions for finding good health care. 45 pages. Last updated May 2005

Parkinson’s Disease: Medications

Discussion of medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease, including non-motor symptoms, mood, and sleep disorders. Clinical trials research and complementary medicine are also addressed. 80 pages.

Parkinson’s Disease: Nutrition Matters

Importance of good nutrition in Parkinson’s care. Bone health, constipation, adequate hydration, and unintended weight loss are addressed, along with suggested recipes and menus. 59 pages.

Parkinson’s Disease: Fitness Counts

Descriptions and benefits of specific exercises to maintain flexibility, strength, and aerobic conditioning. Photographs and drawings of exercises throughout. Tips for posture and balance. 35 pages.

Parkinson’s Disease: Speech and Swallowing

Self-assessment tools for speech and swallowing, as well as tips for addressing problem areas. Describes role of a Speech-Language Pathologist in Parkinson’s care. Chapter on memory changes. 32 pages.

Activities of Daily Living: Practical Pointers for Parkinson’s Disease

Suggestions for maintaining independence in, and use of adaptive aides for, bathing, dressing, sleeping, eating, toileting, and mobility. Includes helpful tips for caregivers. 40 pages.

Parkinson’s Disease: Mind, Mood & Memory

Mental and emotional health issues, cognitive changes, sleep disturbances, dementia, and psychosis are discussed. Includes chapter on mental health issues for caregivers. 96 pages. Last updated March 2005.

A Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Detailed description of DBS surgical procedure, including pre- and post- surgical care. Discussion of pros and cons, including which persons with Parkinson’s disease might have optimal response to DBS. 56 pages.