The Impact of Exercise

Parkinson’s Exercise and Activities Network (PEAN)

"If you have Parkinson's disease, exercise is even more important (than for those without)."
National Parkinson Foundation

"Exercise is a realistic and practical way to fight Parkinson's disease."
American Parkinson Disease Association

"Exercise is as important as medication for the management of Parkinson's disease."
Parkinson Disease Foundation
The Impact of Exercise

Recent studies continue stress the necessity for regular exercise in managing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Exercise can:

  • enhance physical abilities
  • improve cognitive function
  • improve overall mood, a sense of well-being
  • decrease depression

Participating in PEAN classes is a great way to help people overcome some of the most common excuses for not exercising such as "I don’t know how to get started," "Exercise is boring or too hard," and "Exercise leaders don’t understand people with Parkinson's disease."

All the programs and classes in the Parkinson’s Exercise and Activities Network provide a welcoming place to participate in professionally led classes, tailored to the needs of people with Parkinson's disease. Leaders and fellow participants provide the motivation and accountability that are critical to establishing and maintaining healthy new habits. The classes also provide a good venue for sharing information, experiences, and emotional support.

Have you been thinking about exercise but aren’t quite sure how to start? Would you benefit from a dynamic group class to keep you motivated and continuing? Check out the various types of programs throughout the region. Locations and times are convenient with sites in counties throughout the region. All facilities are handicap accessible. Leaders are knowledgeable, energetic, and helpful. And best of all, classes are fun!

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