Step Forward is PFWPA’s annual family-friendly fundraising event.  It is a beautiful display of the PD community coming together and spreading hope and joy. There will be live music, a boom whacker session, exercise demos, a walk, a vibrant vendor village, a special art project and more! We are encouraging everyone to raise money and awareness for PFWPA so we can continue to offer valuable programming, events, webinars, and resources for the local Parkinson’s community.

Although our 2022 Step Forward event has passed, you can still donate to the 2022 Step Forward event, an individual, or a team until September 30th!  Click below under “Make a Donation” section.

Did you know that we have a special incentive this year? If you raise at least $250, your registration will be completely FREE! Create your individual fundraiser account or team account to start Peer-to-Peer fundraising.  (If you just get 10 friends/family members to donate $25 each, you hit the $250 mark!) We have a free fundraising toolkit with information on Peer-to-Peer fundraising and tools (email template, visuals for social media, etc) you can use to make your fundraiser a success!

The more money you raise, the more chances you have to win prizes!  One of our favorites is a weekend getaway! Every $500 you raise equals one entry to win the getaway!  Raise $1,500 get 3 entries! Start fundraising today!